hello world!

Welcome to my new humble abode on the interwebs! 

Most of you probably know me as Primal Bites, and most of you probably know that I officially bid adieu to Primal Bites earlier this morning. Today marks a new chapter in my public life, as I lay my former paleo-blogging self down to rest, and present the all new garland-crafting, style-blogging, real-foods-loving, sustainability-advocating, Sarah to the world. 

Thanks for showing up for the grand opening. You're rad.

I started Pearls Before Twine because I had outgrown my identity as Primal Bites and I was in dire need of a rebrand. I love to talk about food and health and fitness, but I also love to talk about clothes, conscious consumerism, crafting, supporting small businesses, mindfulness, cats, sustainability, and building community. And then there are things I want to learn about and implement more intentionally in my life, like slow living practices and minimalism. And thus, I decided to change gears, shut down Primal Bites, and start up a lifestyle blog where I could explore these other interests and share my experiences in doing so. 


photo c/o Creative Babes

And then there was this other part of me who was really starting to resent social media and screen time. My day-job consists of creating content full-time for Snapfluence and looking at a lottttt of Instagram. Plus, I manage 3 Instagram accounts myself. Needless to say I spend a little too much time on my phone or laptop. Consequently, I missed creating things with my own two hands (I used to paint and draw), and I felt a deep need to disconnect from social media and technology at least part-time. 


And thus, the Etsy shop was born. There, I am selling hand crafted garlands and wall hangings made from fabric, card stock, and recycled materials. My apartment is now perpetually strewn with fabric scraps and bits of twine, but luckily my roommate is an artist herself and loves to feel like she's in a "creative space" :) 

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And now.... 


I like cats and doughnuts.